In 1992, Mr. Miloš Lindr founded a production and service company in the field of dispensing and cooling systems. Thanks to several years of hard work and because of meeting its customer's requirements, a small family business changed quickly into the Lindr company, a leading Czech manufacturer of dispensing systems.

Also nowadays, with the company offering interesting jobs to more than one hundred people, and having its own complete production program, Lindr still proclaims the visions of a family business, built with purely Czech capital.

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  • LINDR PYGMY 20/K and 30/KPROFI Connection Package

    995,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • LINDR KONTAKT 40/K (and 40/Kprofi) Connection Package

    1.985,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • LINDR KONTAKT 55/Kprofi Connection Package

    1.995,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • Cooler Lindr AS-160 Green Line, 4 coils

    9.495,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • Kylare Lindr AS-200 Green Line, 4 slingor, för tankkylning

    13.955,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • Rent a Beer Dispenser

    900,00 kr3.600,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • LINDR PYGMY 20/K Beer Dispenser with Air Compressor

    4.995,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • LINDR KONTAKT 40/Kprofi

    7.895,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • LINDR Kontakt 55/Kprofi Green Line

    11.985,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • LINDR Kontakt 155/K Green Line

    12.755,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • PE Tube 3/8″

    10,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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  • Placeholder

    Tube Cutter

    195,00 kr (excl. VAT)
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